Shortlist and contact your favourite applicants from both your direct applications received or from browsing the database gain interest for your role. Ideally, you will have a shortlist of at least 5 profiles before setting up interviews.

  1. On your Dashboard, click on APPLICANTS on the job post you want to shortlist for

2. Once you’ve opened up a profile you want to shortlist, click the SHORTLIST button

3. If you want to perform an action on multiple profiles at the same time, select the candidate profile via the check box at their corner of their profile preview:

a. Select the applicants you’d like to include in your bulk action

b. Once you’ve selected the candidates you want to proceed with, choose the “Move to” option that generates below to select the action you want to perform on your bulk candidates

c. Once you shortlist applicants, their profiles will be moved from the All applicants list to the Shortlist, Contacted or Interview buckets.

You can find all these buckets on your applicants dashboard:

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