Once your job is posted, job seekers will be able to view it in their search results and you'll begin receiving applications. But you don't have to rely solely on applications.

If you have access to the Oliv Community database, you can search through the community, using the available filters, and invite other candidates to apply to your job.

Inviting candidates to apply

1. In the profile of interest, click the Phone or Email icon to access the candidates contact details

2. Before reaching out via email or phone, it’s important to remember these are passive profiles that have not applied for your job and may not be actively looking for work opportunities. Which means you will need to:

  • Give a warm introduction of who you are and the company you’re representing

  • Identify you’re an employer on Oliv and have found their profile

  • Check in to see if they are currently seeking employment

  • Sell the opportunity — offer a summary of the role and why you think they might be a good fit

  • Ask if they’re interested and if you can send them the job description to learn more

This doesn't have to be a formal message! Feel free to keep it friendly and light-hearted. You can send across a brief introduction of yourself/the company, the role you're interviewing for, and a quick request for the candidate to apply.

For example:
“Hi Hanna, I’m Layla and I handle Operations at Company X. We’re a registered employer on Oliv, where we came across your impressive profile. We think you might be a great fit for a junior role in our Operations team, can I tell you a bit more about it?”

3. Follow up with an email with a link to your job description and prompt them to apply if they’re interested.

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