We've made posting jobs as easy as possible with an intuitive interface, sample job descriptions, and drafts so you can pick up where you left off.

Once you're logged in to Oliv.com, go ahead and click on My Jobs in the top left corner of your page:

You'll now see your jobs dashboard:

This is where all your active, draft, or deactivated jobs live. This is also where you'll be able to post a new job, edit an existing job, and access your applicants for each job. 

Adding a job

1. To add a new job, click on the Create job button on the top right of your page.

2. Use the jobs form to fill in details about your role, the ideal applicant, and your company. 

If you don't have a job description ready, you can use one of our job description templates or use a previous job post.

Remember: Add as much detail as you can! This helps candidates understand the role and increases the number of applicants you receive. 

Need help?

We've added tips and guides to help you with completing the forms. You can access them by clicking on the blue tooltips. 

Once you've added all the information, you can post your job onto Oliv and it will go live immediately. Just click on the Post job button at the bottom right corner.

If you're not quite ready to post your job, you can save your post as a draft using the Save as draft button (next to Post a Job) and come back to it later. 

You can always view or edit your job post, at any time, from your dashboard.

Happy posting!

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