Simple job title

Having an overly complex job title may be confusing or intimidating and a job titled “Marketing Internship” will receive a far better response than “PA to the GM of the EA Division”.

Be clear, personal, and add a little company culture 

The best job descriptions contain three sections:

  • About the company

  • About the role (tasks and responsibilites)

  • About the ideal candidate (requirements) 

About the company

Your company description should be brief yet engaging, and interactive. 

Why should your top candidates choose to work with you?

Remember, to your ideal candidates, the work environment will only be as exciting as the job description. So ideally you should include some highlights about your company work culture, the training provided to new interns, and best aspects of working for the company.

About the role

Go into as much detail as you can about the role: state the day-to-day tasks, major projects, and additional support the candidate will be working on. You should also include any perks the role comes with or special responsibilities.

If there is potential for the role to grow into a full-time position, make sure to mention that as many fresh graduate candidates are looking for internships that have the potential to turn permanent.

About the ideal candidate

Mention the academic background, experience, skills, language abilities, etc. required in the ideal candidate. Make sure you list your requirements beginning with the mandatory requirements and ending with bonus ones.

Candidates are more likely to apply to roles if they are easily able to grasp what the job entails and the personality it involves. In other words, avoid the jargon and add information about your job post in as much detail as possible - this will also increase the number of applications you will receive.

Revise the stipend

Have a look at our compensation guide for internships and graduate jobs to make sure you're competitive in the market. If you're looking for niche skills, multilingual candidates, or have any other particular requirements, you may need to consider higher remunerations.

If you need some help get started, use our job description guide and templates - but customize it to your role, requirements, and company. 

More on how to use job templates here!

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